Doktorarbeiten (abgeschlossen)

Wu Hong, A Reconsideration of Japanese Buddhist Statues of the Asuka Period (538-710 CE) (Universität Wien, abgeschlossen 2020)

Ouyang Biqing: Artisans and Production in Chinese Bronze Mirrors: The Wu Kingdom as a Case Study (SOAS, abgeschlossen 2017)

Sara Peterson: Roses, Poppies, and Narcissi: Plant Iconography from Tillya-tepe and Connected Cultures Across the Ancient World (SOAS, abgeschlossen 2017)

Ilse Timperman: Early Niche Graves in the Turfan Basin and Inner Eurasia (SOAS, abgeschlossen 2016)
Lin Chun-I: Tomb Figurines in the Xian Area From the Fourth to the Eighth Century (SOAS, betreut bis Sommer 2016)

Chien Li-Kuei: The Siwei Bodhisattva: the Contemplating Image in Popular Buddhism of Sixth Century China (SOAS, abgeschlossen 2010)

Doktorarbeiten (in Arbeit)

Choy Sing-Yan, The Renaissance of Glass: The Advent of Glassmaking in the High Qing and the Legacy of Jesuit Missionaries

Alexandra Nǎchescu, Pictorial Representation in Tombs from Pingcheng in the 5th century AD


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