Edited publications

Seda Pesen, Neven Allgeier, Saskia Höfler-Hohengarten, Nora Cristea (Hgg.): Porträts. Mit Beiträgen von Anne-Marie Bonnet, Heinz Drügh, Barbara Kapusta, Seda Pesen, Barbara Zeman. Berlin: Distanz, 2021.

Seda Pesen und Neven Allgeier (Hgg.): Fading Temples. Mit Beiträgen von Kate Brown, Benedikt Fischer, Seda Pesen, Wolfgang Ullrich. Berlin: Distanz, 2022.



with Luise Reitstätter: "We See as We Are Told? Seeing and Understanding in the Relational Space between Image, Text and Viewer", 37th German Congress for Art History: Space and Image, March 2024, FAU Erlangen Nuremberg, Germany.



with Luise Reitstätter and Dirk vom Lehn: "Gaze behavior and social interaction in the art museum: approaches of qualitative video analysis in the combination of MET and EMCA using the example of the study 'True to Life?'", Workshop: Qualitative Videoanalyse, November 2023, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany.

"How Display Form the Gaze: Exploring Gaze Behavior in the Museum with Mobile-Eye-Tracking", International Conference: The Neuron Goes to the Museum, October 2023, Università IULM, Milan, Italy.



"Hunting myths. The Hunting of Great Apes in the Long 18th Century (1660-1830)", Conference: Hunting Troubles: Gender and Its Intersections in the Cultural History of the Hunt, May 2022, University Bremen.

"Decolonizing European Aesthetic Values. A Critique of Immanuel Kants' 'Critique of Power of Judgement'", Counter-Image International Conference: Decolonizing Visuality, July 2022, Colégio Almada Negreiros, NOVA University of Lisbon, Portugal.


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