Archive of the Department of History of Art

The archive of the Department of History of Art at the University of Vienna, which used to be administered by Prof. Hans Aurenhammer and Dr. Georg Vasold, has since 2011 been located in the mezzanine of the library. After the collections, which used to be stored in several rooms of the Department, were brought together, Dr. Johannes Weiss reorganised and made a rough inventory of the collections in 2012. The archive comprises approximately 300 archive boxes that contain estates and partial estates of art historians from 1900 as well as official department documents from 1930. The focus of the archive is on lectures and/or correspondence or notes by main representatives of the Vienna School of Art History, for example Alois Riegl, Max Dvořák, Josef Strzygowski, Julius von Schlosser and Otto Pächt. These documents are complemented by (partial) estates of lesser-known representatives of the discipline as well as historical documents and photographs of the Department.


History of department  see here.
Wikipedia deutsch
Hans H. Aurenhammer: Bibliographie zur Wiener Schule (selected)
Julius von Schlosser: Die Wiener Schule der Kunstgeschichte (englische Übersetzung von Karl Johns)
Art History in Vienna (Glasgow Colloquium 2009)
Golo Maurer/ Raphael Rosenberg: Renaissance in der kunstgeschichtlichen Lehre aus Wiener Perspektive (kunsttexte 2012)


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I. Official department documents:


II. Estates or partial estates (to be complemented):

Dvořák, Max (1874-1921)

Eisler, Max (1881-1937)

Gombrich, Sir Ernst Hans Josef (1909-2001)

Heinz, Günther (1927-1992)

Kallab, Wolfgang (1875-1906)

Kutschera-Woborsky, Oswald von (1887-1922)

Macku, Anton (1901-1985)

Münz, Ludwig (1887-1957)

Novotny, Fritz (1907-1983)

Pächt, Otto (1902-1988)

Pollak, Oskar (1883-1915)

Pühringer-Zwanowetz, Leonore (1917-1986)

Strzygowski, Josef (1862-1941)

Wagner-Rieger, Renate (1921-1980)