Profile of art history at the University of Vienna

The discipline of art history, as understood by the Department of History of Art at the University of Vienna, looks at visual arts inside and outside of Europe since late antiquity from a historical perspective.

In addition to traditional art forms such as architecture, painting, graphic arts, sculpture and applied arts, visual arts have come to also include new visual media, everyday art, design and cross-media art forms.

This profile is backed by the professorships at the Department of History of Art in Vienna: Late Antiquity and Byzantine Art History (Lioba Theis) – the Middle Ages (Michael Viktor Schwarz) – Renaissance and Cognitive Research in Art History (Raphael Rosenberg) – Baroque (Sebastian Schütze) – Modern Art (Sebastian Egenhofer) – Contemporary Art (Magdalena Nieslony) – Art History of East Asia (Lukas Nickel) – Islamic Art History (Markus Ritter).

Three associate professors enhance and deepen the key areas of research: Martina Pippal, Wolfram Pichler, Monika Dachs.