Curriculum Vitae

From August 2012 full professor, History of Islamic Art, Institute of Art History, University of Vienna
2010–12 University of Zurich, Switzerland: assistant professor, History of Islamic Art, Institute of Art History:
2004–09 Austrian Academy of Sciences at Vienna, post-doc researcher, Institute of Iranian Studies, Center for Studies in Asian Cultures and Social Anthropology:
2007Offer for the lectureship in History of Islamic Art at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland, Great Britain
2003 Promoted Dr. phil. (Islamic Art Histroy and Archaeology) at the Otto-Friedrich-University  Bamberg, Germany
2002–09Part time lecturer at the universities of Bamberg, Frankfurt am Main and Vienna
1997 Visiting researcher in Iran
1996–99 Scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation
1995–96 State University of Teheran, Iran: visiting student
1988–94University of Bamberg, master studies in Islamic Studies (Islamic Art and Archaeology), Turkology, Iranian Studies, Historical Building Research
1994 MA in Islamic Studies (Islamic Art and Archaeology)
1991–92American University in Cairo, Egypt: visiting student
1990Museum for Islamic Art in Berlin: internship
1989University of Ankara, Turkey: visiting student 
1996–2003University of Bamberg, doctoral studies in Islamic Art History and Archaeology, and Iranian Studies


2010Farabi Award
2007European Award of Iranian Studies


Since 2017

Chairman of the Ernst Herzfeld Scoiety for Studies in islamic Art and Archaeology

Scientific advisor for the interfaculty platform "Institute for Islamic Studies"
Since 2010  board member of the Asian Society of Switzerland
Born in Germany. Two children, born in Austria.

Research Interests:

  • Architecture: typology, iconography, and decor in Iran from the early medieval period to the 19th century, medieval palace building and architectural decor in the Arab lands, Arab mosque architecture
  • Figural art: mural painting and book illustration, iconography of the ruler
  • Transfer and adaptation processes, Islamic Art in Europe
  • History of „Islamic“ Art History


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