Picture Practices

Transdisciplinary Studies on Materiality and Habituality of Visual Conventions

Project management: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Elisabeth Büttner, Assoc.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Gerit Götzenbrucker,
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Raphael Rosenberg, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Sigrid Schade
Team: Mag. Hanna Brinkmann, Mag. Rosa John, Mag. Maria Schreiber
Duration: 01.07.2013–30.06.2016
This project was funded by: ÖAW DOC-team-Programm

About the project:

From the perspectives of three disciplines, we aim to understand how pictures and practices are related in specific contexts:

Hanna Brinkmann (Art History) analyses how different ways of perceiving art evolve from Austrian and Japanese visual cultures.

Rosa John
(Film and Media Studies) focuses on the question how avantgarde filmartusts make visual conventions visible by exploring their material.

Maria Schreiber (Communication Studies) investigates how sociotechnical experiences constitute habitual ways of showing in personal photography.

All subprojects contribute to the common goal of gaining a deeper theoretical and methodological understanding of the complex entanglement of pictures and practices by combining concepts from picture theory  and praxeological approaches.

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