List of Publications of Ebba Koch


1988. Shah Jahan and Orpheus: The Pietre Dure Decoration and the Programme of the Throne  in the Hall of Public Audiences at the Red Fort of Delhi. Graz: Akademische Druck- und Verlaganstalt.

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2001. Mughal Art and Imperial Ideology: Collected Studies. New Delhi: Oxford University Press.

2006. The Complete Taj Mahal and the Riverfront Gardens of Agra , London: Thames and Hudson.


Articles  in Festschrifts, Proceedings of Symposiums, and Chapters in Books:

1983. "Jahangir and  the  Angels: Recently  Discovered  Wall-Paintings  under European Influence in the Fort of Lahore". In  India and the West: Proceedings of a Seminar Dedicated to the  Memory of Hermann Goetz, ed. J. Deppert. New Delhi: Manohar Publications, pp. 173-195.

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2000. “Niederländischer Naturalismus in der Malerei der Großmoghuln”, in der Sektion “Begegnung Ost-West: Wege zwischen Asien und Europa”, 10. Österreichischer Kunsthistorkertag: Das Fach Kunstgeschichte und keine Grenzen?”, Innsbruck,  30.September - 3.Oktober 1999. , Kunsthistoriker, 15 (1999/ 20000, S.  51-64..

2000. “The  Reconstruction of the Taj Mahal  (Taj Ganj) and the Gardens of Agra”,  in Taj Mahal Cultural Heritage District: Development Plan, Cooperative Project  by Department of Landscape Architecture,  College of Fine and Applied Arts University  of Illinois at Urbana   Champaign, USA, Directorate of Tourism, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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2006. "The Madrasa of Ghaziu'd-Din Khan at Delhi", in: The Delhi College, ed. Margrit Pernau (New Delhi: Oxfrod University Press, 2006), pp. 35-58.


Articles in Periodicals:

1975/76. "Das barocke Reitermonument in Österreich". Mitteilungen der österreichischen Galerie, 63/64: 32-80.

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Newspaper Articles

1993."Wo blieb die islamische Kunst?", Die Presse, Donnerstag 24. Juni

2001. "Die Toleranz des Islam", Die Presse, Donnerstag 25 October


Manuscripts in Press:

"Mughal Agra as a Riverfront City" in  The City in the Islamic World, eds. R. Holod, A. Petruccioli, A. Raymond and S. Kh. Al-Jayyusi

`My Garden is Hindustan:  The  Mughal Padshah's  Realization of a Political  Metaphor'  in Research Tools and Perspectives on the Middle East Garden Tradition from the Himalayas to the Atlantic, ed. Michel Conan (Washington: Dumbarton  Oaks, 2007)


Manuscripts in work:

Taj Mahal: Architecture, Symbolism and Urban Significance, Benjamin Zucker Lecture 2003, Victoria&Albert Museum, London

"Taj Mahal: Architektur, Symbolismus und städtebauliche Bedeutung",  Indo-asiatische Zeitschrift

"The Architecture of the Madrasa  of Ghazi-ud-Din Khan at  Shahjahanabad/Delhi" in  Delhi College, ed. M. Pernau

Palace and Garden of Shah Jahan


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