Univ.-Prof. Dr. Markus Ritter

History of Islamic Art

Room: 3F.02.16A
T: +43 1 4277-41422
E: markus.ritter@univie.ac.at

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Curriculum vitae

Publications (selected)


Brief History of the History of Islamic Art at Vienna and in Austria

Teaching in History of Islamic Art since 2012

Master and doctoral theses

Visiting Student

University Assistants

Dr. Mattia Guidetti

Mag. Suzanne Compagnon, MA

Externally funded research projects, staff:

FWF-project „Centre and Periphery? Islamic Architecture in Ottoman Macedonia, 1383-1520“

Dr. Maximilian Hartmuth

Ayse Dilsiz Hartmuth MA

Former Assistants

Safa Mahmoudian, MA (2016 - 2017) now: ÖAW-Doc-Stipendiatin

Dr. Nourane Ben Azzouna (2013-16) now: lecturer, Université de Strasbourg

Dr. Ilse Sturkenboom (2014-16) now: lecturer, University of St Andrews

Dr. Maximilian Hartmuth (2012 - 2014 u. 2017 - 2018)

External Lecturers related to the History of Islamic Art

Dr. Johannes Wieninger (Austrian Museum of Applied Arts / Contemporary Art, winter 2017/18)

Dr. Abbas Akbari (University of Kashan, summer 2017)

Dr. Eva-Maria Troelenberg (Kunsthistorisches Institut Florenz, winter 2014/15)

Dr. Negar Hakim (summer 2014)

Dr. Barbara Karl (Museum für Angewandte Kunst, summer 2013)

Study assistant

Suzanne Compagnon, BA (22.01. - 30.06.2017)


Christine Kellner, BA (summer 2017)

Agnes Rameder (winter 2014-15)

Pia Razenberger (summer 2014)

Elke Wögerbauer (winter/summer 2013-14)

David Groneberg (summer/winter 2013-14)Anja Wutte (winter 2012-13)