In-Action: Viennese Actionism and the Passivities of Performance Art

(under contract with University of Chicago Press)

Articles and Essays

“Concrete Violence: Wolf Vostell’s Disasters of War,” Oxford Art Journal 44:2 (published as advanced content, 2021). Open Access:

“Duchamp Effects,” Art History 44:4 (September 2021): 867-874.

“On Caring for Art History in Vienna,” Art Journal 80:2 (Summer 2021): 101-103.

“Feminist In-Action – Ingrid Wiener’s Tapestry Collaborations,” FKW // Zeitschrift für Geschlechterforschung und visuelle Kultur 68 (Summer 2020): 52-73. Open Access:

“The Weaving of Postmodern Life,” in Ingrid Wiener: Durch die Kette sehen, ed. Michaela Leutzendorff Pakesch (Vienna: Schlebrügge, 2020), 40-49; Author's English translation, 177-182.

“On Failing to Perform: Kunst und Revolution, Vienna 1968,” October 170 (Fall 2019): 95-119.

“Active Duty – On Franz Erhard Walther” (feature article), Artforum (February 2018): 166-173, 212.

“Gerhard Rühm’s Body Art,” in Gerhard Rühm, eds. Ingried Brugger and Heike Eipeldauer, trans. Mattias Wolf (Vienna: Kunstforum Vienna & Hatje Cantz, 2017), 48-55; German translation, 40-47.

Art Criticism

“4 x 1 = 30, Christine König Galerie” (review), Artforum (April 2020).

“he he he he. Corruption in the Living Room – On unspelling by Andrea Maurer” (review), TQW Magazin (November 2019).
“We are many: Experiments in Collectivity” (preview), Artforum (May 2019): 100.

“Jörg Immendorff: Für alle Lieben in der Welt” (preview), Artforum (September 2018): 134.

“Beuys, Brock, Vostell, ZKM” (review), Artforum (November 2014): 291.

“Sofie Thorsen, Krobath” (review), Artforum (Summer 2014): 264.

“Thomas Hartmann, Christine König Galerie” (review), Artforum (April 2014): 275-276.


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