Dr. Temenuzhka Dimova



E: dimovat22@univie.ac.at



Research Priorities

- Early Modern painting
- Gesture semantics in art
- Sign Languages and Deaf Culture
- Digital Art History

My research is dedicated to the historical and semantic interpretation of codified hand signs in Early Modern painting, (http://www.brepols.net/Pages/ShowProduct.aspx?prod_id=IS-9782503584836-1). I study the origins and the meanings of every single chirogram (graphical representation of a hand gesture), as well as the way they combine among them, in order to form chirographic accords. More broadly, I aim to put the pictorial gesture language in the general history of Sign Languages. Another part of my research interests concerns the digital methods in art history. I am currently involved in the Jacques-Edouard Berger foundation project – the Vasari Diagram – an open access platform exploring the Wikipedia networks of Old and Modern Masters - http://vasari.li/


Curriculum Vitae