Doktorarbeiten (abgeschlossen)

Ouyang Biqing: Artisans and Production in Chinese Bronze Mirrors: The Wu Kingdom as a Case Study (SOAS, abgeschlossen 2017)

Sara Peterson: Roses, Poppies, and Narcissi: Plant Iconography from Tillya-tepe and Connected Cultures Across the Ancient World (SOAS, abgeschlossen 2017)

Ilse Timperman: Early Niche Graves in the Turfan Basin and Inner Eurasia (SOAS, abgeschlossen 2016)
Lin Chun-I: Tomb Figurines in the Xian Area From the Fourth to the Eighth Century (SOAS, betreut bis Sommer 2016)

Chien Li-Kuei: The Siwei Bodhisattva: the Contemplating Image in Popular Buddhism of Sixth Century China (SOAS, abgeschlossen 2010)

Doktorarbeiten (in Arbeit)

Wu Hong, Early Buddhist Sculpture in Japan

Alexandra Nǎchescu, Pictorial Representation in Tombs from Pingcheng in the 5th century AD


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