The University of Vienna has decided to increasingly integrate computer-aided learning and teaching into courses with a strategic project titled Neue Medien in der Lehre an der Universität Wien (new media within teaching at the University of Vienna).
At the Department of History of Art, the Moodle learning platform has been increasingly used in selected courses for some semesters. This learning platform aims at enriching teaching as a supporting medium for both lecturers and students. Relevant course and reading material, presentations, etc. can be made available on an e-learning platform for the respective course as needed. The platform also allows for simple and fast communication between students and teaching staff, for example through various forums on the platform. E-learning is not meant to replace certain courses, but to work as a complementing tool.

Accessing the Moodle learning platform

Both students and teaching staff of the University of Vienna can register for the Moodle course that accompanies the required course. To do so, you need a valid u:net or Mailbox account that entitles you to register for and to use the platform. Since the beginning of the summer semester 2009, students and teaching staff have been able to enter all learning platforms via the central eGate access. It is also possible to register for a certain accompanying e-learning course via the course directory. For further information, please contact the Helpdesk of the Vienna University Computer Center.

E-learning support for students

Upon successful registration for the required Moodle course (via eGate or the course directory), every student has access to the material provided on the platform. The platform offers a very user-friendly interface. For basic problems, the Vienna University Computer Center offers IT courses for students on a regular basis.

E-learning support for teachers

All members of the teaching staff of the University of Vienna are welcome to offer e-learning as an accompanying teaching tool. If you wish to intensify your course by offering a Moodle course, you can set up and design the platform yourself: Moodle without a tutor (in German). Of course you can delegate platform maintenance to your tutor, if available. For more information on this topic, please click here: Moodle with a tutor (in German). The Vienna University Computer Center also offers e-learning courses for teaching staff on a regular basis.

Contact at the Department of History of Art

ao. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Martina Pippal in charge of e-learning