Learning Agreement:

On our part, it is sufficient if you submit us your learning agreement after arriving in Vienna at the beginning of your stay. For this we ask you to come personally in the consultation of your country coordinator, for discussing details directly .

Confirmation of other Courses:

Please keep in mind that our LänderkoordinatorInnen can confirm only courses in our course of study. For outside courses, a private learning agreement should be submitted. Here for more details on this subject. Participation in language courses at the language centre and courses related to the Austria is confirmed not by our Departemental coordinators, but by the International Office.
Subject-Specific Confirmations:

Should have special forms by your home University to confirm specific information such as teaching language are where you come too in the opening hours of your country coordinator. If you confirm on this form only, the date of registration and deregistration in the International Office of the University of Vienna, directly contact the International Office.