Troja in the Trecento. Narration with Images, within the Image, and between Word and Image

funded by the FWF: P22925 (17.10.2010 - 16.10.2013)

Project lead: O. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Viktor Schwarz

Co-worker: Mag. Dr. Costanza Cipollaro

A romance in verse about the Troy matter was written in the twelfth century, but had its greatest success in fourteenth-century Italy. It was here that illustrated editions with hundreds of miniatures were produced. The codices helped the political elite to set the conflict between Guelphs and Ghibellines in world-historical context, and, in doing so, changed the art of visual narration. The readers of the text and viewers of the miniatures are invited to participate in mental games to bridge the differences between words and images; they are thus activated in a new manner. The single most important and beautiful of these manuscripts came via Prince Eugene's collection into the Austrian National Library.

The results of the project are important for knowledge of Italian painting in the century between Giotto and Masaccio. To a greater extent than is known, this painting took the form of book illumination, was orientated towards narrative, and dealt with profane subject matter. Without knowledge of epic illustration, the way from Giotto to the art of the Renaissance remains incomprehensible. At the same time, it seems to have been precisely the Renaissance paradigm that long obstructed art-historical research in the investigation of these works: it is disconcerting to think that it was not Homer's or Virgil's texts that provided the basis for developing new narrational techniques, but rather the texts of high-medieval authors, who remodeled the classical narrations to fit the chivalrous patterns of thought of anorth French public.


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