Exhibitions on Themes of Islamic Art at the Department of Art History

On occasion the Professorship for History of Islamic Art, in collaboration with other institutions, and colleagues organize exhibitions on themes of Islamic art and art history. The assembly hall of the Department of Art History offers a large space with glass cases.

Mshatta in Focus: The Jordanian 'Desert Castle' in Historic Photographies  30.4.–30.7.2015
In cooperation with the Museum of Islamic Art Berlin.
Curated by Katharina Meinecke (University of Vienna, Department for Classical Archaeology) and Eva-Maria Troelenberg (Kunsthistorisches Institut Florenz - Max-Planck-Institut).

On the Path to Islamic Art: Friedrich Sarre in Western Asia. Historic Photographies from the Museum of Islamic Art Berlin  7.6.–6.7.2017
In cooperation with the Museum of Islamic Art Berlin. Concept: Julia Gonnella.
New concept: Markus Ritter and Safa Mahmoudian, with Mattia Guidetti and Maximilian Hartmuth.

Proximate Orientalism: Re-Examining the Architecture of Habsburg Bosnia  4.5.–4.6.2018
Concept: Maximilian Hartmuth, Franziska Niemand, Julia Rüdiger.

Islamic Art in Vienna: Shifting Meaning, Shifting Context  17.9.-31.10.2018
Concept: Markus Ritter. Realisation: Mattia Guidetti with students of the class "Exhibiting Islamic Art: Past Experiences, Current Practices" and Suzanne Compagnon

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